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Energy Delivery Systems

Africa is limited by the lack of reliable efficient power. Electricity is the key to modernization as well as providing food security, clean water and medical services.

Specializing in hybrid power systems utilizing solar, wind, energy storage and supported by fuel when needed, Gossamer Crossing is a leader in providing practical power solutions.

Modern large scale infrastructure projects are underway but decades away from making a significant contribution to the current and future power needs of the region.

Gossamer Crossing is a supporter of "Local Power" solutions to address the rapidly increasing power needs. Utilizing proven technologies allows affordable low impact local power generation across a wide range of needs.
"Africa's chronic electric power problems have escalated in recent years into a crisis affecting thirty or more countries, taking a heavy toll on economic growth and productivity. The region’s electric power sector has inadequate generation capacity, limited distribution, low electricity consumption, unreliable services, and high costs."
USAID 23 July 2013

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