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Towers & Spans

Gossamer Crossing provides critical needs infrastructure solutions on the African Continent. Our expertise in installing communication towers and expeditionary bridges has opened market sectors and improved safety and communications in previously un-served regions.

Bridges are focal points for ground transportation allowing for efficient transport of goods and services. Lower food prices, increased access to health services and opening of markets are just a few of the tangible improvements realized from bridge installation.
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Expanding voice and data access remain important to economic growth in Africa. New fiber optic cables and high speed wireless data transfer facilitates business growth. The expanding network of communication towers continues to allow the business community to skip generations of communication technology and reap the benefits of fast, reliable and secure information exchange.

Gossamer Crossing Africa provides the equipment and site services required to take advantage of the rapid growth in the communication sector. With world class engineering and field crews available to service the most demanding client and location we are able to bring projects operational in the shortest possible time frame.

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